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Nick ryan's

world war 3

Military fiction



"Nick Ryan can rightly be regarded as one of the genre's elite authors.

His strengths are his detailed descriptions, his ability to create dramatic atmosphere, and his meticulous military research. Every scene he writes is accurate and dripping with tension."

Literati Literature Lovers 

about the books

The World War 3 series of novels are a collection of 50,000 - word military action titles detailing the fictional events of a war that sweeps the world.

Each title is a stand-alone adventure that focuses on the men, women, and the high-tech weapons that will be used by warfighters on tomorrow's battlefields. The books can be read in any order.

about the author

Australian author Nick Ryan has published bestselling Amazon novels across several genres.

He has a background in journalism and prides himself on his painstaking research and the authenticity of his descriptions.

Ryan works with a large group of military experts and veterans from around the world to ensure the details in his novels are as realistic as possible.

He lives on a small farm on the far south coast of New South Wales with his fiancé.

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